Butt Whuppings and Lollipops

Photo by Transit Gurrl

Photo by Transit Gurrl

Okay, I admit that I suck when it comes to posting on my blog these days. If you were to compare me to candy, I’d be the human equivalent of a Whistle Pop because I suck so hard I blow.

I started a new job and a new schedule this year and the adjustment period is really kicking my @ss. I do have some posts in the hopper, so please be patient with me in the meantime.

As for the contest, it’s been brought to my attention that even though you awesome readers are out there doing good deeds, not everyone has Facebook or Twitter, and are therefore unable to enter the contest. Good point; I’m revising the entry rules to the following:

  1.  Do at least one good deed.
  2. Tell me about it posting in the comments section of my blog, posting on my Facebook page, or via PM on Facebook or Twitter.

Due to the revised rules, the contest deadline has been extended by 2 weeks to February 14, 2014.

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One thought on “Butt Whuppings and Lollipops

  1. Good deed done…
    On a very rainy day in early January after picking up some items from Dressew on W. Hastings, I went over to the bus stop on Richards to catch the #10 Granville. There was an older gentleman at the stop and as he started to get on the bus a lot of change dropped from his person and into the gutter. I managed to stick my boot into the gutter to keep his change from being swept away by the flowing water. In all, at least a few dollars in silver was rescued. The older gentleman who hadn’t realized it dropped from him, was pleased to have it returned. I got on the bus and continued on my way home with a surprisingly dry boot on my foot.
    Cheers, Kim

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